Tax fraud: the trial of UBS opens Monday in Paris, under the threat of a report

This is the first trial in France for tax fraud on such a scale, The swiss giant UBS, who is accused of illegally approached a wealthy French customers, will be the face of its judges Monday afternoon in Paris.

Until the end, the bank has tried to oppose to the prosecution. On the eve of the trial, provided three half-days per week until November 15, before the criminal court, an uncertainty remains with respect to the conduct of the hearing.

The sums involved are huge: over ten billion euros in undeclared assets, and a fine incurred that can go up, “up to half of the value of the fund or funds which is the focus of the money-laundering operations,” according to the penal code.

The parent company UBS AG is required to appear for “the selling bank illegal” and “money laundering, aggravated fraud tax”,

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