Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism win Raif Badawi Award

“We have chosen Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) because it is committed to informing the public and raising transparency in an increasingly difficult environment, often operating at risk to the journalists’ lives,” said the jury of the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for Freedom Wednesday of its decision to bestow its award for courageous journalists on the group. 

The jury statement described the ARIJ, an independent association of journalists active across the Middle East, as “a beacon of light in a darkening world.”

“Networks like ARIJ are a role model for journalists throughout the region,” it added. “Journalists who collaborate, cooperate on investigations, offer each other mutual support and publish collectively are stronger together than alone and can achieve more.” 

Passion and courage

The ARIJ was founded in 2005 in Amman, Jordan, with the goal of promoting investigative journalism in the region — the first organization of its kind.

The network supports journalists and their projects, including

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