Pakistan improves its ranking in global anti-money laundering index but still has a long way to go

Photo: AFP

Pakistan has improved its ranking in the global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Terrorists Financing index, but is still on the list of countries that have a significant risk of AML and TF, according to the Basel AML report 2018 released on October 9.

Pakistan improved its ranking by 0.08 points to finish at the 6.49-point level this year on the Basel AML Index, an independent annual ranking that assesses the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing around the world.

Among 129 countries assessed for the 2018 report, Pakistan ended up among 83 countries with a risk score of 5.0 or above. These were the countries that could be loosely classified as having a significant risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, the report said.

With 2.57 points, Finland has the lowest level of risks while Tajikistan faces the highest risk with 8.30

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