Judy Asks: Is the EU Too Lax on Corruption?

Heather A. ConleySenior vice president for Europe, Eurasia, and the Arctic; and Director of the Europe Program at the Center for Strategic International Studies

It is not a question of being lax; it is a fundamental lack of understanding of the nature of the threat that corruption poses. For the West, the level of corruption has now reached a point where it is an existential threat to the democratic integrity and national security of EU member states as well as the unity of the EU itself. 

Urgent policy responses are required. The United States is waking up much too late to what corruption, shell corporations, tax evasion, and illicit financing can do to the integrity of democratic elections and institutions. Europe must now confront the prevalence of illicit financing coursing through its financial institutions in a way that is designed to evade detection and amplify malign influence. These ill-gained funds can be

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