Consumer Autonomy, Pressure, Works! As It Should Do In A Market System

One underappreciated part of a market based economic system is that you really should, ought to, make your decisions based upon what you perceive to be your wider interests. This is how you tame suppliers to your will. And wondrously, it does actually work:

Depositors disciplining banks: The impact of scandals
Mikael Homanen 15 October 2018

Bank creditors have non-financial preferences too, and may withdraw deposits as a form of discipline. This column shows that protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline that targeted investor banks caused significant decreases in deposit growth, and global data suggest that this type of reaction to bank-specific scandals is widespread.

While the banking system is essential to finance the global economy, it also makes unsustainable business activities such as coal mining and tax evasion possible (BankTrack 2017, Henry 2012). Banks can choose to internalise the social costs of these activities, or they must be regulated more strictly.


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