On the verge of F1 greatness: now Lewis Hamilton targets glamorous new empire

In two social media posts last week, the British racing driver Lewis Hamilton showed where he has come from and how far he has travelled. The first was a link to an eight-minute Blue Peter tribute, in which he appears for approximately two seconds. The feature was on radio-controlled cars and Hamilton displays a focus and determination that would prove handy in later life by thrashing presenter John Leslie. He was seven at the time, living with his mum on an estate in Stevenage. “Remember being on Blue Peter like it was yesterday,” the 33-year-old wrote on Twitter.

In the next post, Hamilton is in New York, filming himself last week on his phone in front of a giant billboard on which he appears in full racing garb. “Mamma I made it,” he comments, “that’s me on the Nasdaq building in Times Square.”

Hamilton certainly has

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