Wyoming Secretary of State – Casper Star

Edward Buchanan (Republican)

Numerous shell corporations were created in Wyoming as part of a massive tax evasion scheme outlined in the Panama Papers. Would you support any reforms to the corporate filing system in place in Wyoming? Why or why not?

“Numerous” is a relative term when out of 200,000 entities, only 24 were registered in Wyoming. Having said that, the Secretary of State’s office immediately conducted an audit and, shortly thereafter, M.F. Corporate Services was shuttered. I support reforms that make these schemes difficult to undertake. For example, after the Panama Papers issue, we worked with the legislature to close a loophole to prevent registered agents from listing themselves as the communications contact. This allows us to provide law enforcement relevant information very quickly. I will continue to support reforms as needed, without unduly burdensome regulation on good businesses.

Would you support restrictions on same-day voter registration to prevent voters from

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