Jersey funnelling global ‘dirty money’, claims MP

Dame Margaret Hodge MP has launched a stinging attack on the Island’s government and finance industry for failing to make its beneficial ownership register public.

Jersey, like other Crown Dependencies, has a register which can be accessed by other governments and law enforcement authorities if they suspect wrongdoing, but it isn’t open to all.

Speaking to the JEP from her office in the Houses of Parliament, Dame Margaret said: ‘I have no doubt that a lot of dirty money is being driven through Jersey. You only have to look at the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers to see how important jurisdictions like Jersey are. There’s nothing to stop Jersey having whatever tax rates they want. All we’re trying to bring to an end is the secrecy.’

In response, Mike Byrne of the Jersey Funds Association dismissed her criticism.

He said: ‘There’s no evidence of the dirty money which Margaret

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