Unexplained Wealth Orders – Superyacht News

In the popular consciousness, ill-gotten extreme wealth and yachts are, regrettably, often linked: the image of the “baddie” luxuriating on board his well-appointed boat, safely ensconced away from the authorities, tabloids and general public, is a tired stereotype and a generally unfair cliché – yacht owners are as morally diverse a group of people as any other subsection of society, and the Bond villains are few and far between. More recently, this perception has – against the background of the Panama/Paradise Papers revelations, and the rise in populist political rhetoric from left and right alike – become part of a general chilling in public attitudes towards high and ultra-high net worth elites in the UK and further afield.

“Plus ça change…”, one might think. Yet with the hardening attitudes and increasing attention paid to how the very (and, as we shall see, potentially even the moderately) wealthy

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