‘I couldn’t be bothered about political parties’ – Judge Mizzi bows out amid tense Panama Papers case

A case which was bound to discuss the money laundering claims surrounding the Panama Papers scandal stuttered on Thursday as it came in front of a judge who is bound to retire in just a few days’.

Judge Antonio Mizzi will no longer be hearing the all-important Panama Papers case after he adjourned the case to a date after his retirement date. Judge Mizzi was propelled into the limelight after former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil objected to the fact that the case was being heard by a judge who is married to a Labour MEP.

The legal saga was sparked off last year when Dr Busuttil had called upon a magistrates’ court to launch an investigation into the revelations emerging from the Panama Papers involving several high profile Maltese figures.

10.46am: The case has been adjourned to December 5. The case will now be sent to the Chief Justice who will assign it to another judge.

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