Panama Papers case to be assigned to new judge after Antonio Mizzi’s retirement

Judge Antonio Mizzi will no longer be hearing the Panama Papers case after he adjourned the hearing to after his retirement date.

Former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil had objected to the fact that the case was being heard by a judge who is married to a Labour MEP.

The legal saga was sparked off last year when Busuttil had called upon a magistrates’ court to launch an investigation into the revelations emerging from the Panama Papers involving several high profile Maltese figures

In a tense sitting this morning, Mizzi, presiding the Criminal Court told assembled lawyers that he didn’t think that a case of this importance should be dealt with in the three days until his retirement. “Forum shopping is a big mistake, because you know where you start but not where you end,” said the judge, visibly annoyed.

“Had we not amended laws piecemeal, this would not have happened.”

“I’m not here to take sides. I never took

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