Paradise Papers Scandal – One Year On

Just one year ago, 13.4 million leaked files from offshore service providers and company registries were made public.

This leak, known as the Paradise Papers, revealed the tax planning strategies of more than 100 multinational corporations, including Nike and Apple, as well as offshore activities by more than 120 politicians and world leaders.

Oxfam’s 5-point plan to stop the scandals calls on governments to:

1. Agree a global blacklist of tax havens based on comprehensive objective criteria and take strong countermeasures including sanctions to limit their use:

2. Create a global tax body where all countries can work together on an equal footing to agree the fundamental tax reforms that are needed to ensure the tax system works for everyone:   

3. Rebalance tax deals by making sure tax treaties do not exploit developing countries tax bases:

4. End tax secrecy for the super-rich by establishing a centralized public register of the individuals who own and

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