Carole Cadwalladr wins Reporters Without Borders L’Esprit de RSF prize for Cambridge Analytica reporting

Carole Cadwalladr has been named winner of the L’Esprit de RSF prize for her reporting on the role of data analytics in recent electoral campaigns, which was published in the Observer and followed up by media around the world.

Carole’s series of sensational exclusives showed how personal data was used in online political campaigning. She has demonstrated the electoral power of digital platforms – especially Facebook – and examined the activities of Cambridge Analytica and its satellite AggregateIQ. Carole’s reporting has covered elections including the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union and the most recent United States presidential election.

The journalism has sparked official inquiries and investigations by politicians, governments, law enforcement agencies, and data protection agencies across the globe. In the UK, the information commissioner noted the reporting as the genesis of her investigation into the political uses of voters’ data that found “a disturbing disregard for voters’ personal

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