17 Black: Up to €8m passed through the company says Reuters to Newsbook

Although $2 million were found in 17 Black’s account in Dubai, Reuters journalist Stephen Gray said that up to €8 million actually passed through it. 17 Black’s owner, Yorgen Fenech, met the journalist’s direct question on ownership with silence.

While being interviewed by RTK’s Follow Up, Gray explained that during the investigation, emails were identified both in the Panama Papers and by Malta’s Financial Analysis Unit – which passed on its findings to the Economic Crimes Unit –  linking Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri to 17 Black, and another company called MacBridge. These emails were sent by Nexia BT on behalf of the Tourism Minister and the OPM’s Chief of Staff.

Reuters and the Times of Malta unveiled last week that Yorgen Fenech, the Director of the Electrogas Power Station and Tumas Group CEO, was the owner of 17 Black. The company registered in Dubai was meant to transfer €150,000 every

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