The devil you know…

You’ve got to admire the guy’s chutzpah, though. For someone who’s running for an entirely unelected post at the helm of the European Commission – and who, last I looked, had absolutely no business to be representing anyone at all, outside his own constituency in Bavaria – it takes a whole lot of nerve for someone like Manfred Weber to suddenly speak out in the name of… ‘the people’.

“From the perspective of the people, citizens are sick and tired of the abuse of power and corruption they see in Malta,” the EPP candidate for Commission President told a press conference in Brussels yesterday. “This,” he added, “poses a real threat to our European way of life.”

Erm… might I ask which ‘people’, exactly, he was referring to there? The Europe Union’s 500 million citizens, perhaps? Are they all so ‘sick and tired’ of ‘corruption in Malta’, that they sent Manfred Weber

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