Daytona Beach hotel developer’s activities catching IRS attention, lawsuit reveals – Daytona Beach News

DAYTONA BEACH —  Alexey Petrovich Lysich is the Russian-born man building a $192 million hotel on the oceanfront — the most expensive hotel-condo development ever constructed along the beach.

Documents in a federal lawsuit show another one of Lysich’s high-dollar ventures caught the attention of the Internal Revenue Service. Lysich was nabbed in a 2016 IRS investigation that found one of his businesses committed tax fraud by wiring $710,000 to a shell company in the Bahamas and then falsely claiming it as a business expense.

He gave the IRS a document claiming that the shell company bought and sold “produce” for him — $71 million worth of fruit and vegetables, to be precise.

The IRS report included in the lawsuit states the shell company Lysich’s business sent the money to in 2014 — Solinger Trading Limited — “is used by international parties to move money around the world in a manner to

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