Investigative journalists awarded for their brave deeds

On November 17, seven investigative journalists who have reported about several scandals involving politicians and affiliated entrepreneurs received a collective White Crow award, granted every year to people for defending the public good despite various obstacles.

The White Crow award

The White Crow is the appreciation of a socially beneficial and brave civic act. It is awarded to people who showed civic courage, suppressed personal interests in the name of public benefit and could have suffered various wrongs and injustices or rejection.

Watchdogs the Fair-Play Alliance and Via Iuris praised the work of murdered journalist Ján Kuciak, his close collaborator, Czech journalist Pavla Holcová, and Slovak reporters Xénia Makarová, Zuzana Petková, Monika Tódová, Marek Vagovič and Adam Valček, the Sme daily reported.

“The White Crow for journalists is the expression of our gratitude and honour, as well as a reference to the irreplaceable value of journalistic work for society, particularly

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