Congress rule marked by corruption, nepotism, says Piyush Goyal in Rajasthan

Union minister Piyush Goyal on Tuesday said the Congress party’s history is marked by corruption, communal tensions and nepotism and it had done no development work worth speaking of.

Addressing the media in Jaipur, Goyal said Congress does not want to be reminded of its history because they have nothing to show. “Their history is riddled with corruption, their administration was marked by casteism and under their governments, communal forces got stronger. Except for nepotism,the Congress did not do any development in the country.”

Goyal said the BJP sees power as a service to the people and not as service to one family. He said the BJP is seeking votes on the basis of its development work while the Congress is playing negative politics.

“Those who are doing politics based on lies will never be successful as people understand what is good for them and which party is concerned about the country, the

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