Polish Security Service Launch Probe Into Controversial Open Dialogue NGO

The probe follows an inspection of Open Dialogue’s finances, which led the National Revenue Administration to conclude the Foundation’s publishjed donors “do not correspond to reality”

“According to the foundation’s documents, most of the funds channelled to it came from people who were members of the foundation’s authorities or from individuals and businesses linked to them. [However they] may have come from other sources,” security services spokesperson Stanislaw Zaryn said.

The NRA audit found funds from Silk Road, a company owned by Kozlovska’s husband Bartosz Kramek, received payments from businesses registered in virtual offices in Britain totalling over half a million US dollars. Businesses transferring the funds were owned by companies registered in offshore tax havens such as Seychelles, Belize and Panama, some of which were embroiled in the Panama Papers scandal. As a result, the NRA suggested the funds “may have been criminal in origin”.

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