“The system is rigged”: How the crimes of “The Panama Papers” affect us all

“I’m very interested in investigative journalism,” Winter said in during a recent phone interview with Salon. “I see them as the front line of communicating the truth to a populace, which is just extraordinarily important.”

“But also this is a massive data leak,” he continued. “It exposed a very wide network of criminality and, at the very least, very unethical behavior by people who believed they were being protected by technology, by people who believed they were un-seeable, that they were anonymized by that system. John Doe just turned on the lights on all that.”

“This shows to criminals — and I dealt with this with on deep level with “Deep Web,” my last film — that what we think of as an anonymous, faceless world on the other side of the keyboard can actually very, very quickly become the exact opposite of that.”

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