High Expectations: The UK’s Role in Pakistan’s Fight Against Corruption

As the government of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan marks its first 100 days in office, progress on one particular issue will be closely scrutinised: tackling corruption and, specifically, the recovery of previously looted national wealth.

In his electoral campaign and many of his subsequent speeches, Mr Khan has railed against the looting of the nation’s wealth by ‘a corrupt and predatory elite’, highlighting the extent to which billions of rupees have been stashed abroad.

Some see Mr Khan’s rhetoric as populist, playing to ‘the galleries of [the] angry Pakistanis who believe that all the ills of the country are due to the lavish lifestyles of the elite’. And so his speeches may be. But there is an important and consistent message – or request – in them, and one of which the UK should take note.

Whilst corruption, tax evasion and weaknesses in national financial crime controls are

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