‘The system is rigged’: How the rogue offshore corruption in ‘The Panama Papers’ hurt everyone

“The Panama Papers,” Alex Winter’s riveting documentary for Epix, is a crime story.

Winter makes that point abundantly clear throughout his 96-minute film, making its broadcast debut Monday at 9 p.m. on the cable channel. Just in case that point escapes us, he turns to popular culture to simply explain how the crime works.

Before this, the documentary begins where the saga itself started, with Bastian Obermayer, an investigative reporter for the Munich-based paper Süddeutsche Zeitung, recalling his first contact with an anonymous whistleblower in 2015 who calls himself John Doe.

Obermayer explains the necessity of calling for reinforcements on an international scale, a move all but unheard of in a competitive industry driven by the hunt for scoops and exclusive. How else can one make sense of a data dump that includes 11.5 million documents, including passports, emails, financial information and incorporation papers for offshore companies?

Eventually the team of

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