Faulty Medical Implants Affect Millions Worldwide: Global Investigation Reveals

Patients suffer excruciating pain, and some eventually prove to be fatal because of faulty medical devices implanted in them. The defective devices are the result of doggy systems maintained poorly without following proper regulations or lax rules and testing.

ICIJ reveals new report on implants

International Consortium of International Journalists (ICIJ) – the group which worked on the Paradise Papers and the Panama Papers leak released another investigative research titled ‘Implant Files’. It was published by 59 media houses inclusive of 252 journalists across 36 counties that had uncovered this problem in the $400 billion global implant industry, reported The Guardian.

The Indian Express from India was also a part of the investigation team. It included the findings on rules and regulations, corruption by the manufacturers in the implant industry and failure reports on defective implants.

The patients had to

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