German authorities raid HQ of Deutsche Bank

By Rick Noack and Taylor Telford | Washington Post

BERLIN – German authorities raided the offices of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, on Thursday over money laundering allegations. The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said about 170 officials were involved in searches at the company’s business premises.

The investigation is directed against two employees and other individuals who have so far not been identified. The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt confirmed the investigation was based on details included in the Panama Papers, as they are known, and Offshore Leaks, a collaborative investigation between the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and other media outlets that revealed money laundering practices across the globe.

“Numerous business documents” were obtained during the raid, the prosecutor’s office said.

“After an evaluation of the so-called ‘Offshore Leaks’ and ‘Panama Papers,’ ” Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office representative Nadja Niesen wrote in a statement, “the suspicion arose that Deutsche Bank AG was

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