Deutsche Bank offers more details on Panama Papers raid

In a two-day raid, the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office and the Federal Criminal Police Office searched several Deutsche Bank offices, including its head office at Taunusanlage in Frankfurt, and questioned employees. The investigations concern the so-called “offshore leaks” and Panama Papers.

The public prosecutors’ investigations are directed against “two named and further unnamed employees of the bank on suspicion of aiding and abetting money laundering,” Deutsche Bank stated. “According to the public prosecutor’s office, the accusation against the accused is that they did not report money laundering in time, but only after the publication of the so-called Panama Papers in the media,” Deutsche Bank reported. The preliminary proceedings concern the period from 2013 to 2018.

The search included several board member offices, but no formal interrogations of board members, Deutsche Bank said. It added that no current and former board members of Deutsche Bank AG are among the accused employees.


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