Fake news portal behind attack on MEP Ana Gomes

The source of allegations on Socialist MEP Ana Gomes having “murky ties to a global fraudster” was an online portal on which several alarms have been raised, although this did not stem the aggressive push of the story by Labour MPs in Malta to discredit their socialist counterpart in Brussels.

The ‘European Union Anti-Corruption’ platform published a story last week claiming that Gomes – the vice chair of the EU’s Special Committee on Financial Crimes – was “co-opted by the perpetrator of one of the biggest financial crimes in history”.

Pro-government newspaper Kulhadd published the story last Sunday, which was then pushed by Labour MPs and government officials to discredit Gomes, who led a European Parliament mission to investigate the rule of law in Malta following the release of the Panama Papers.

Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar, was particularly enthusiastic about taunting Gomes with the news, without bothering to check the source of the

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