Deutsche Bank DBK share price hits new low on reports it processed €200bn in money laundering scandal

Deutsche Bank shares were down again this afternoon on claims that it processed €31bn more of questionable funds than previously thought on behalf of Danske Bank.

Last month, Danske whistleblower Howard Wilkinson claimed a major European lender was involved in processing up to $150bn (£117bn) in suspicious payments.

Today, the Financial Times reported Deutsche also processed another €31bn, according to an internal memo seen by the paper.

The report alleges that Deutsche was behind the processing of more than 80 per cent of the €200bn laundered by Danske, including the original $150bn.

Wilkinson also slammed British company structures last month for allegedly covering up money laundering activities.

He said limited liability partnerships and Scottish liability partnerships “have been abused for years” at a European Parliament public hearing in November.

The Danske scandal has already prompted the resignation of the bank’s former chief executive, Thomas Borgen, who had previously headed the bank’s international operations, after an investigation

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