Path paved for PTI to shine

AFTER years of friction and power grabs between the judiciary, executive and the military, the bonhomie currently in evidence must bode well for Pakistan’s stability and raise the expectations of the people that their issues will not fall victim to infighting in the corridors of power.

You may ask me why am I so optimistic? Well, there are signs aplenty.

And you don’t really have to look for them as they stare you in the face on prime time TV and if, for some obscure reason, you stayed away from that enriching fountain of wisdom paradoxically called the idiot box, the good news is plastered across the newspaper front pages the next morning.

The chief justice, whose single-minded pursuit of raising funds for the dams he deems vital to national survival may not have gathered handsome amounts but did help raise awareness of the criticality of the country’s depleting water resources, has now

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