Deutsche Bank raided on Money Laundering Scandal

Around Frankfurt, Germany, the police have raided 6 Deutsche Bank offices, over the money laundering allegations linked to “Panama Papers”, as the Public Prosecutors Office in Germany’s Financial Capital said on Thursday.

Investigations are on the full-throttle and looking in to the activities of two unnamed Deutsche bank employees, who allegedly helped their clients to set up off shore firms and launder money, as the prosecutor’s office said on Thursday.

Over 170 police officers, tax inspectors and prosecutors searched 6 offices of Deutsche banks, seizing written and electronic business documents. “Of course, we will cooperate closely with the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt, as it is in our interest as well to clarify the facts,” Deutsche bank said and they also mentioned that they believe, they have provided all the evidences required and related to the “panama papers”.

The news comes in as a mammoth scandal in

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