Maltese Court Rejects Panama Papers Investigation

Malta’s Court of Appeals revoked an order on Tuesday for an inquiry into allegations of money laundering by government officials revealed in the Panama Papers, claiming “hacked” documents cannot be used as evidence.

Maltese court rejects Panama Papers investigationThe judge ruled that a request from former opposition leader Simon Busuttil failed to sufficiently prove that a crime had been committed, dismissing the claims as “speculation.”

“[Busuttil] sees an ulterior motive behind everything, which he is at liberty to do, but he does not say how each one or all together could have been a crime meriting a magisterial inquiry,” said Judge Grixti.   

The judge dismissed the value of the “hacked” papers. “Witnesses and documents obtained under the law do not have any probative value,” he said.

Busuttil responded to the judgement on Twitter: “How can a Court refuse to open an inquiry when Mizzi and Schembri were caught RED-HANDED

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