Simon Busuttil vows to fight on after court’s ‘shocking’ Panama Papers decision

Former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has vowed to continue his fight for justice in light of Tuesday’s decision by the Court of Appeals to overturn an order for an inquiry into possible money laundering exposed by the Panama Papers.

“We have a choice to make,” Busuttil wrote. “We can either give up and let the corrupt get away scot-free. Or we can continue fighting for justice.”

Writing on Facebook Busuttil again described the decision as “shocking”, adding that that one would never have expected the court to discard an investigation when the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff and one of his top cabinet ministers were caught opening secret companies in Panama. 

“The respected Venice Commission recently expressed serious concern on the rule of law in Malta and in particular, on the independence of the judiciary. However, I never imagined it would be such a struggle for justice to prevail in our country,”

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