You Probably Don’t Understand The Wealth Gap And The Mega-Rich Love You For It

Uproxx / Getty

Here’s the thing about the 0.01% that you need to understand: They’re spectacular, as a group, at getting richer. Like world class. You know how Steph Curry is fire beyond the arc? Or how Beyonce owned Coachella? Or how Scorsese is unbeatable at filming gritty mob shit? None of them are nearly as skilled at their respective crafts as the mega-rich are at extracting wealth from our financial system. And it’s not even close.

Right now, the highest-earning Americans are sequestering money from the economy at a staggering rate. And they’re doing it seamlessly, thanks to financial tools that you literally have never heard of. Tools that even the vast majority of one percenters never get access to. This is sped along by the unapologetic use of tax shelters. It’s all grossly blatant, lightning quick,

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