Turkish journalist sentenced to prison over her reporting on the Paradise Papers investigation

“Founding a company in a tax haven … The story is all about this. They did not deny this in the petition of complaint … The people have the right to read the Paradise Papers.”

Following her sentencing, Unker told ICIJ that she intended to appeal what was an extraordinary but unsurprising court ruling.

Unker said what made the “world first” ruling so remarkable was that the complainants acknowledged that her articles were true.

“This decision is not a surprise for us. Because the result was certain from the beginning. There is no criminal offence or defamation in my articles,” she said.

“The fact is Binali Yildirim’s sons have Maltese companies. Binali Yildirim had already accepted that they have these companies. In the indictment, it is also accepted,” she said.

“Binali Yildirim and Berat Albayrak are the first and only politicians in the world to sue over Paradise Papers articles.”

“They want to silence journalists by

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