Busuttil identifies ‘avenues for justice’ on Panama Papers

It is not the end of the road for the Panama Papers scandal, with former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil saying that “a number of avenues for justice” remain.  

The Criminal Court last week turned down a request for an inquiry into the local implications of the data leak.

Now a backbencher, Dr Busuttil said that over the past few days, a number of lawyers had contacted him and his legal counsel MP Jason Azzopardi with advice on how to take the case forward.

“Having examined all the legal avenues available, we have established that there are indeed a number of options,” he said. 

A judgment by Mr Justice Giovanni Grixti last Tuesday found that Dr Busuttil had failed to indicate that any crime had been committed in his request for a probe into the Maltese protagonists of the leak, who include Cabinet Minister Konrad Mizzi and OPM chief of staff Keith

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