Continuity or change? 9 elections around the globe to watch in 2019

This year will see elections in the world’s most populous democracy, another that has already seen head-spinning leadership changes this century, and six countries in the G20 alliance, including Canada.

Political observers will also be keeping an eye on countries that could have unscheduled elections arising from domestic disputes, such as the U.K. (due to Brexit uncertainty) and Spain, where Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez might want to broaden his mandate after taking power due to the previous government’s no-confidence defeat.

Meanwhile, the international community has been trying to broker a process to bring about recognized leadership in Libya, after the hope that elections could take place there in 2018 proved too optimistic.

And one of the most important elections on the horizon in 2019 is not even national: European Parliament seats will be contested in May, with the continent’s battle between ardent backers of the EU alliance and skeptical populists likely to get

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