UK MP Brings Up ‘Sanction Of Direct Rule’ Again

220px-Official_portrait_of_Sir_Vince_Cable_crop_2British Liberal Democrats leader Sir Vince Cable has again brought up the concept of instituting direct rule over the British Overseas Territories, asking the Minister whether he agrees that if the Territories “will not reform we should resort to the sanction of direct rule.”

This is not the first time the British politician has mentioned direct rule, as following the Paradise Papers matter in 2017, he suggested the UK impose the “sanction” of direct rule if “our dependent territories and crown colonies will not uphold basic standards on tax.”

While he may be suggesting it, in reality the party Sir Vince Cable leads holds less than a dozen seats in the 650 seat British House of Commons, so he actually does not hold the power to implement a colonial-style direct rule, which is a drastic scenario in which

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