Canada Revenue Agency launches 100 audits after Paradise Papers leak

In November 2017, the CRA said they had 990 audits and 42 criminal investigations into offshore “financial structures” underway. On Tuesday, CRA Minister Diane Lebouthillier said there are currently 50 ongoing criminal investigations related to offshore tax evasion.

“We have hired over 1,300 auditors and have over 50 ongoing criminal investigations related to offshore tax evasion,” wrote Émilie Gagnon, a spokesperson for Lebouthillier, in a statement to the Star.

“Our investments are giving the agency the resources it needs to get the job done and we are starting to see results.”

“Tax cheats can no longer hide.”

Dusseault disagreed, accusing the Liberal government of not being aggressive enough in pursuing tax cheats who hide their wealth offshore.

“If you want to send a very strong message around the world who are committing tax evasion around the world, you need to take action very quickly, very seriously,” Dusseault said.

“The (Liberal) government hasn’t convicted anyone of international

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