Not even investigated, let alone ‘cleared’

News that Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi will be withdrawing libel cases against the late Daphne Caruana Galizia, over revelations which emerged from the Panama Papers, may perhaps be viewed as positive: given that it effectively halts what was, until this point, a rather clear-cut attempt to stifle public discussion about this very serious matter.

But while Mizzi, on the surface, appears to be doing the right thing, his reasons for doing so are at best questionable. The minister said he would not continue to pursue the lawsuits in view of recent court statements which found he had not been involved in any illegalities.

In a statement, the tourism ministry said that the Criminal Court had determined that the allegations of money laundering in connection with the Panama Papers revelations were “mere speculation”.

“In the absence of evidence (and there is none), the court dismissed Busuttil’s mud-slinging as nothing but conjecture,” it said. “In

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