Repubblika asks EC to act over money laundering

Repubblika, the NGO that promotes the rule of law, has lodged a formal complaint with the European Commission demanding action over the failure of the Maltese government and State institutions to apply EU money laundering law effectively in relation to people in high positions of power.

In its written submission to the EU’s executive, Repubblika said that since February 2016 all the national authorities in Malta have “collectively and persistently failed” to investigate specific allegations of corruption and money laundering exposed in the Panama Papers relating to people in high positions of power, namely a Cabinet Minister, Konrad Mizzi, and the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri.

It said the failure of the Maltese State to ensure the proper application and implementation of the relevant EU law is a breach of Malta’s commitments under the Treaty.

“Three years since the publication of Panama Papers, no investigation has started in Malta, no charges

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