All netas resent bowing to law of the land

The fun and games are just beginning in two distant parts of the world. In one, the man in authority is raging at the opposition for initiating enquiries against him on various grounds. In the other, those ranged against the man in authority are berating him for pursuing inquiries against them for financial shenanigans. The common thread connecting all of them is politics and power.

 Donald Trump is convinced there is a witch hunt on and he is the injured innocent as Democrats, whom he labels as the socialists from hell, attempt to probe everything — from Russian links to his election as US President, his tax returns and the considerable financial wrongdoing in his inner circle. In typical Trump style of Twitter-like brevity, he says his opponents are “going nuts.” Sounds familiar? He also terms it “Presidential harassment”, and all in all capital letters to stress his point, again very

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