‘Malta failing to apply European anti-money laundering law’ – Repubblika

A formal complaint has been submitted to the European Commission from Repubblika, saying that Malta’s three branches are failing to apply anti-money laundering laws in the face of allegations against key Maltese officials.

The Maltese rule of law NGO says that since the Panama Papers uncovered the names of key politicians connected with corruption, Malta’s institutions responsible for holding them accountable have refused to act.

They speculate that this could be connected to procedural weaknesses and controls within the institutions, where the executive has not properly equipped law enforcement organisations to support the work of the judiciary. The legal weakness and agency of the judicial branch are then proposed to stem from the legislative branch’s failing to ‘provide the judiciary with adequate laws to implement European money laundering law’.

Repubblika outlines a timeline of events starting from 2016 with the discovery of Chief

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