Press review: Who gains from Moscow Afghan talks and Paris, Berlin bargain on Nord Stream


Kommersant: Moscow’s Afghan talks satisfy US, but anger Kabul

Last week’s Moscow-hosted negotiations between Afghan politicians and the Taliban (radical group, outlawed in Russia) unexpectedly stirred up a surge in diplomatic activity, Kommersant writes. US State Department Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad welcomed the Inter-Afghan Dialogue in the Russian capital, backing Moscow’s efforts on the Afghan track. The key message of the political declaration approved in Moscow was support for the peace talks between the Taliban and US representatives, initiated in Doha and labeled as Khalilzad’s brainchild. The US diplomat was cautiously optimistic about the event in Moscow, which was organized by the Afghan diaspora in Russia without the participation of the Russian Foreign Ministry or the Kremlin. He noted that should the meeting lead to Afghan unity, including the government, ahead of the next meeting in Doha, these talks would be a positive step.

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