PTI government’s dilemma

The PTI government came into power last year, amidst accusations of political engineering and electoral rigging allegedly perpetrated by renegade elements belonging to the deep state, on the basis of a narrative which was deeply flawed and extremely misleading. Having failed in its earlier attempt through the prolonged dharna of 2014 to overthrow the PML(N) government on the basis of charges of the rigging of the 2013 elections, which were found to be incorrect by a judicial commission headed by the then Chief Justice of Pakistan, PTI jumped at the opportunity offered by the Panama Papers leaks in 2016 to destabilise the government of the day on charges of corruption. The PTI narrative, allegedly promoted in the media by the renegade elements of the establishment, was simple but appealing to the public at large: all Pakistan’s economic ills were because of the rampant corruption on the part of the political

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