Simon Cowell blames honours snub on Panama Papers furore

LONDON – Simon Cowell thinks he’s been left off the New Year’s Honours list because of his links to the Panama Papers.

The 59-year-old music mogul has been repeatedly overlooked for one of the coveted accolades, despite his TV and charity work – and Cowell is convinced it’s because of his non-illegal affiliation with the Panama Papers, which revealed the offshore tax accounts of dozens of well-known people.

Cowell – who has raised millions for charity over the years – told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “The first thing you have to ask is, ‘Are you doing it [charity work] to get something out of it?’ No, of course I’m not.

“I love what I do and am very fortunate to be able to help when I can. The Panama thing was the one and only time the tax thing was raised, the only time that I have ever had a

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