The mother of non sequiturs

I have been following the libel game (or is it a circus?) for the past 45 years or so – as a person accused of libel, as a person claiming to be libelled, or as just an interested spectator.

Suddenly it seems that the established rules of the game are facing an uncanny metamorphosis apart from the fact that the way libel laws were applied in Malta for donkey’s years, has changed over the years… slowly but surely.

Some recent developments have obviously changed the rules of the game. The consequences are intriguing.

Consider the decision taken by Minister Konrad Mizzi to withdraw the libel cases he had filed – against Simon Busuttil and Jason Azzopardi – on claims concerning money laundering allegations subsequent to revelations that had emerged from the Panama Papers.

The minister in a straight face – said he would not continue to pursue the lawsuits in view of recent court

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