US Democrats renew call for Deutsche Bank Senate committee inquiry

FRANKFURT — Two Democratic US Senators renewed their calls on Thursday for the Senate banking committee to investigate allegations of money laundering involving Deutsche Bank.

Senators Chris Van Hollen and Elizabeth Warren made the request in a letter to Mike Crapo, chairman of the banking committee, asking for a “thorough, detailed bipartisan Committee investigation into Deutsche Bank’s compliance history”.

Deutsche Bank said that it wanted to underline that it was “cooperative in all official investigations”, without making further comment or giving any other details.

Van Hollen told Reuters he was concerned about “a pattern and practice” in money laundering allegations involving the German bank, adding that “there is a lot of smoke circling around Deutsche Bank, so we think it is worth further inquiry”.

Germany’s largest bank has faced renewed allegations involving money laundering in recent months, but has said it has found no evidence of wrongdoing.

“We take these matters very seriously and will

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