Will The Yves Bouvier Affair Lead To Changes In EU Law? – OpEd

MEPs aren’t taking it easy on Jean-Claude Juncker in
the final months of his tenure heading the European Commission: German MEP Wolf
Klinz recently presented Juncker with a formal letter calling on the EC President to eliminate loopholes
allowing financial crimes to be committed at special trade areas known as
freeports. Klinz took particular aim at Le Freeport Luxembourg, constructed by
controversial art dealer Yves Bouvier while Juncker was the Luxembourgish Prime
Minister—and in which Juncker’s former coalition partners Jeannot Krecke and
Robert Goebbels still maintain an

By putting Le Freeport in the hot seat, Klinz has
brought up both uncomfortable recollections of the tax evasion schemes which
were widespread in Luxembourg during Juncker’s premiership, as well as the
laundry list of scandals which have plagued Yves Bouvier and his international freeport empire. Will... read more at: https://www.eurasiareview.com/14022019-will-the-yves-bouvier-affair-lead-to-changes-in-eu-law-oped/