An appetite for risk – Ranier Fsadni

It is not a truth universally acknowledged but top accountants are strategists. They read a company’s books not merely to determine what you’ve done but also to tell you the possible futures – and how to attain them. Which is why this newspaper’s report on the event organised by the Institute for Financial Services Practitioners made such odd reading.

Naturally, one of the subjects was Malta’s current wobbly reputation in the field. If the report was accurate, one greatly respected figure in the profession attributed the problems to quibbling politicians, pesky journalists and financial practitioners. He agreed with a fellow big beast that solving the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder would go a long way to resolving the reputational crisis.

People don’t necessarily say what they really think, although you’d think they would at an event convened to put across what their industry plainly needs. If you take these industry leaders at their

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