Netflix could contend for another Best Picture Oscar with one of these films

A lot of the media coverage and culture cachet Netflix garners tends to focus on its original TV series, but it’s already worth taking stock of the streamer’s already robust lineup of prestige original films it has teed up for the rest of 2019.

That’s partly because it was barely a week ago when Netflix came close to a prize that its top executives are extremely hungry for — that golden statuette for the “Best Picture” honor at the Academy Awards. Roma, from director Alfonso Cuaron, was what Netflix put up as a contender this time around, and while it didn’t win, the film nevertheless earned Netflix three Oscars anyway.

All that said, we’re still not done with the first quarter of 2019, and Netflix already has a few original movies lined up that very well could win it that coveted prize at the 2020 Oscars ceremony. Here are

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