Smoke and mirrors: The personal account of an AUM staff member

This is a guest post by a former staff member at the American University of Malta.

“I joined the American University of Malta in January 2018, attracted by the prospect of working in Malta. I was told it was ‘a start-up university, with exciting prospects’.

When I got here, the Provost said there had been a few ‘teething problems’ but nothing to worry about. It turned out that one week prior to my arrival all the original teaching staff had been fired. I realised with horror that I was brought in as a replacement.

Talking to one of the survivors of the firings, I was told that I was brought in because I was ‘cheap’. I checked with colleagues, and it turns out that I am earning 40% of what the original employees were earning.

Working here has been difficult. The tiny number of students in Malta were traumatised by what had happened, and

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